Shaun the Sheep


Aardman has a deserved reputation as a world leader in model animation. Their award-winning work leads the field producing a unique brand of independent film alongside work for broadcast and advertising spots.The studio has had seven Oscar® nominations, and has won four.

Aardman's television series, Shaun the Sheep debuted on BBC1 and CBBC in March 2007. Inspired by Nick Park's 1995 Academy Award winning short film A Close Shave, the series has been sold worldwide.

Coming Soon: Shaun the Sheep Movie! We can hardly wait... After having seen every Shaun the Sheep episode many times we look forward a full length Movie with our favourite sheep. Just in case you're not conviced ... take a look at the trailers!!!

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Shaun is a sheep who does not follow the flock. Inquisitive, imaginative and mischievous, his lively personality marks him out from the other sheep in his field.  His fun-loving, maverick nature is forever leading him into tricky situations, but he usually proves resourceful enough to come out on top.

Popular with the rest of the flock and a natural leader, Shaun’s independence is sometimes undermined by his relative youth and naiveté.  He confronts problems with a can-do sheep-like logic, but has a tendency to leap before he looks – this mix of enthusiasm and inexperience is often a recipe for trouble. But despite his recklessness, he has an inherent sense of responsibility and will try to make amends for the chaos he causes.

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What can we add? We love Shaun and know his theme song by heart:

He’s Shaun the sheep – (He’s Shaun the sheep)
He’s Shaun the sheep – (He’s Shaun the sheep)

He even mucks about with those who cannot bleat – (Cannot bleat)

Keep it in mind
He’s one of a kind


Life’s a treat with Shaun the Sheep

He’s Shaun the sheep- (He’s Shaun the sheep)
He’s Shaun the sheep- (He’s Shaun the sheep)

He doesn’t miss a trick or ever lose a beat – (Lose a beat)

Perhaps one day
You’ll find a way


Come and meet with Shaun the sheep


Come and bleat with Shaun the Sheep





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